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2002-06-25 18:42:26 (UTC)


so the last entry was a little scary. yeah that poem that
i wrote 4/02/02. well some people misinterpreted it. i
don't mean to kill myself. the thought has accured to me
but that is something i just couldn't do. some might say
that i don't have the courage to kill myself but the trith
of it is that i have the courage to continue living. i
wrote that poem from my heart but not from my dreams. i
still want to live untill i can find the right guy and have
kids and live the operfect happy life. in fact i'm not at
all ready to die yet. i haven't completed any of my
dreams. so don't get me wrong but i still wanna live for a
while longer. if you want to read the poem it was entry
04/02/02 titled : sometimes i imagine.

back to the present. it's summer and yet i still haven't
been able to sleep i one day. monday, tuesday,
thursday,and friday i have swimteam practice form 10 to
11am and then on wednesday i have singing lessons for a
half hour starting at 10:30. then on saturday i have to
get up at 9 so i can clean the house and sunday i am forced
(literally) to go to church. i got kicked out of the house
for a week and a half and had to live with my grandparents.
life really sucks. but i'll get over it. now that i have
bored you with my life i will leave you to your own.


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