2002-06-25 16:25:08 (UTC)

This sucks...

God 2day I had the guts 2 ask this guy I consider my like
ummm...boyfriend well I guess not anymore becuz that is 4
people in high school. I mean he told me that u know he
wanted 2 b with me an it just seems like he took it all
back. I just should have never asked what kind of
relationship we have becuz I new this would happen. I
would get all upset cuz serisously I have never felt this
way about any1 an like he is like I am not gonna ask u 2 b
my girlfriend we are 2gether at times an thats good an i
am not gonna ask u out. Thats 4 high school kids. God well
maybe I want that u know 2 know that we belong 2 each
other. But he says he doesent know what he wants he says
he like me alot he even loves me but he doesent like
talken about shit like that. And he says it's goin good
right now just 2 leave it alone. I am like ok then
whatever. U know I want sumthing else then friends with
benefits. Cuz sumtimes thats how he makes me feel. I don't
know I just feel like everything in my life is just being
taken from me. He told me once that we were goin out an
all the stuff then now he takes it back. That hurts I am a
gurl an most gurls have feelings. But I guess he doesent
undertstand that. But oh well I guess I will just have 2
deal with this untill I figure out what the hell is goin
on. I really hope things will work out but I really think
things r gonna stay the same. Oh well I guess. I gotta go
I have 2 do my slave work.