Dark Secrets
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2002-06-25 15:57:10 (UTC)


I felt the ups and downs of my emotions today....being
emotional when i couldnt win him in that game, always
failing such an easy game which i used to play made me feel
like a loser...and he claims that he is suffering from my
behaviour...i didnt want to pick up a fight with him over
such stuff which we used to. He said ive change for the
better, but i fell weak again today twice. I told him im
not perfect, and that im still trying hard, im learning. I
told him to be supportive and and that i needed more time.
Why is it always me to peace it out with him? I duno, but i
would rather be doing that than we falling out once such moment it is too critical for me, when my
emotions are suffering when he is away from me physically,
struggling with the pain, while he's probably not.

I sms Ken, i said this to him..." Now i noe what friends
are like..." and he replied, the next thing i said was.."
Friends dun ask abt one another". Precisely, i dun have
many friends, from these words, he will know that im going
desperate for him.. what can i do? I'm always failing in
this way.

Pretty tired, i will go read my bk, and rest.
Tomorrow it's gonna be a brighter day for me.

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