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2001-06-23 08:56:29 (UTC)

Saturday 23rd June 2001 ( Colonoscopy details)

Mental health report: V.Good
Tummy quite bloated and a bit sore today but better than
What a lovely day it is today-it's 9.45am and I think the
sun is gonna stay out, but it's a bit hazy.have to take
ginnies to vets for last time this morning so better be
quick now.

Had colonoscopy on Thursday and got home from hospital at
nearly 7pm. Very brave too as I did NOT have midazalam
sedative after all. Consultant promised he would stop if it
hurt-so there ya go-never thought I would do it without but
glad I didn't have it as I hate the feeling of drugs in my
body. I had to scream at him to stop, however after about
15 minutes coz he had reached the hepatic flexure (at the
top of the ascending colon) and by God it hurt then,
especially when he pumped some more air in. So it stopped
It was absolutely fantastic to see my colon on a monitor-
bloody marvellous it was-and so pink and healthy. Thought
it might have been black with the years of senna abuse in
the past, but it wasn't. I was in awe! Anyway he spotted
some white lumpy things at the top of my rectum so biopsies
have been taken there-even saw the scope pincing them and
spots of blood from where he took them!! Didn't hurt either.
Con. said my bowel is healthy, apart from those white
lumps, and very clean too. That was due to the fletcher's
enema beforehand, which clears you out thoroughly.
Afterwards sat on the trolley, me and the con. chatted and
now he is beginning to think that my defecation problems
are due to anismus (lack of co-ordination in the
brain pelvic floor) after all, and the proctogram in
September will help diagnose that. (examination of muscles
and defecation process)So I am still wondering why I cannot
go to the loo on my own.
Just prior to colonoscopy, the con examined me and I nearly
hit the roof when he prodded right up my back side. Now
that was painful. He was touching the uterus from inside
the rectum and when I said it hurt he pressed it again. He
said he thinks it's the cysts on my left ovary which are
causing the rectal pain!!! Can't believe that after
gynaecology discharged me two weeks ago. The con was
annoyed too about that coz they should have at least
scanned me again to check cysts. So bollox to all this now
as I have to be referred back to gynae to have the cysts
checked and get to the bottom of my rectal pain (ha ha
pardon the pun)So there's two separate issues involved now-
bowels and gynae--rectal pain possibly caused by my
multicysts, and the defecation problems. Bloody bolox
again. never mind though as I am still managing to lead a
normal life but it literally is like living with a bloody
pain up your backside. Not funny sometimes as I have to lie
down on an evening, as when it's bad that's the only way I
get some relief. Tut.
10.00am-gotta go to vets now-bum aint so bad this morning-hee hee
this is not funny. Results re biopsies are to be sent to quacks. (GPs)
Gonna paint lounge ceiling today-it's looking good is the house now.

yesterday re leak in bedroom ceiling and the wood's rotten in the
roof and tiles are sagging-you can see it!-double bolox to that-gonna
have to get home improvement loan sharpish.
After lengthy discussion with Ron, it has been officially decided in
this household to not only have damned roof replaced, but get new PVC
external door, and get outside of house painted too. More expense-
damn-might borrow more money than is required and bugger off abroad
for a week later in the year. Now that would be pushing the boat out
a bit coz it's debt really innit? Hmphh. Sigh. Bolox.

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