Alleara Beasle

Life of a Death Eater
2002-06-25 14:56:39 (UTC)

He Who is My Master...

It is now 8 AM where I am from, and I have given thanks to
the glories of my Master. He walks the path of darkness,
the path that too few are willing to go for glory. He does
things that all Light-Walkers are too cowardly to do,
because they are afraid of the consequences. I need my
Master, I will kill for him, as I have proven too many
times... I am his true daughter, and his other Death Eaters
are my true brothers and sisters... There's Avril and
Chris, of course, but also Davis, Katherine, Silver, and
Penny L. I am not alone. We are the bringers of Death, the
cleansing light of this world... we will cleanse all who
are unworthy to feel our might and join us... Oh Master!! I
shall do anything you ask! ::passes out::