Phil's Nonsense
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2001-06-23 07:40:59 (UTC)

Another day, another. . . wait a minute. . . (6-23-01)

Been busy this week on the website I'm doing. Tonight is
the first night I really had time to spare.

And the big reason for that is Paul forgot about me. . .
again. He said he was gonna call. I could have done
something with Brian, but I though Paul was gonna call me.
I was wrong.

I would love to know why people like ditching me. People
have never rushed to their phones and said "I'm going out
tonight, I should bring Phil with me." Yet I do this for
them. Biggest example of this would be Tom, but that's a
journal for another time.

Got a new crush. The Opinion Editor of the paper, Lisa. I
don't think she has anything for me though, considuring she
was talking to another guy about setting her up when I was
standing there. What is with people thinking that I am
perpetually single? I don't want to be single, but
everyone prefers it that I am. I don't get it.

Well, need to get to bed.

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