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2001-06-23 06:59:44 (UTC)


im thinking...
i could love you.
you seem too right for me.
and you make me so very fucking happy.
do what feels right.
do what makes you happy.
i feel like i could love you.
i think im beinging to already.
im not even afraid this time.
i have no walls with you.
and i have nothing to hide.
you are so amazing.
and i know...that im falling in love with you.
you took away my bitterness.
i feel so comfortable with you.
i never knew i could be so happy.
i never knew someone could get through to me.
youre so fucking cool.
and i think im loving you.
i think i love you.
i love you.
i didnt think someone like you existed.
i didnt know i was capable of so much feeling.
=) so...
thank you....
=) =) =) =) =)
heh. im such a dork when im happy huh. lol......youre so
cool. and i miss you cuz i cant talk to you cuz its like 3
in the morning. heh =) okay..yeah...i miss
her....yall.....shes so cool. shes sooo fucking cool =) im
happy again. wow. heh. thats so cool. i like her a lot.
like a whole lot. likkkkkeee A LOT. heh. =) yup. yeah. i
like her. shes amazing =)

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