Walt's lady

My Life With An Air Force COP
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2002-06-25 08:09:41 (UTC)

A New Day

It is 1 am here!!!!!!!!!!!! I should be sleeping. I had
alot go on yesterday that made me upset. I slept most of
the afternoon. I haven't heard from Walt since last week.

I don't start to worry until I haven't heard from him in
over two weeks. He is TDY ( Temporary Deployment) over-
seas. Walt is in the Air Force, he is in Security Forces
(I.E. A Cop), while he is TDY, he is in Special Forces. He
has been gone since the middle of May. His deployment
orders were for Nov 02'.

I missed him when he was over-seas before, but not as badly
as this time. I am trully un-sure why. Maybe it is the
fact that I have fallen deeper in love with him. I can't
call him, I can't hear his voice, I can't see him. Like I
could when he was over-seas before. That was due to the
fact he was PSD (permanent station Duty), he had access to
it all. Now while he is gone he has no privacy what-so-

They read his in-coming and out-going e-mails. The Net
over there where he is, isn't always working ( I say it's
at the military's convience when it does.) He had to
spend his birthday over there. He didn't seem to dang
thrilled about that. I did the best I could over the net
and with people reading my e-mail that I had written to him
to wish him a Happy Birthday.

I can't wait for him to come home. I am ready for him to
be him. It is getting pretty late here so I better close
this out and go and get a few hours sleep before my day