Yours Truely

Ordinary Chick
2001-06-23 06:16:31 (UTC)

June 22, 2001

Today has been a great day! I've had a bunch of fun. I went
to my friends house at 1pm and we went to the DMV so she
could get her Permit... but it didn't work out because she
didn't have her birth cirtificate with her. (I wonder why
she doesn't carry it around like MOST people?!) Anyways...
aterwards we went to rent a video. We had "Virgin Suicides"
in mind. We walked over to one video store, but they didn't
have it. So we decided we would walk to the other one...
which was only 2 blocks away. THANK GOD! Since it was
really hot we decided to get some ice-cream. We stopped at
Fosters Freeze and got 2 berry things... It was REALLY
good! Then we walked to the other video store and
rented "Virgin Suicides." Once we got home we Popped the
video in and enjoyed the show! After the movie was over...
her parents were gonna go to Costco to buy some stuff... so
we decided to go along. (We've always wanted to go to
Costco together.) Inside joke, I guess. As we were coming
back she said "MY OLD LOVES NAME"... can you believe it...
I hadn't seen the guy in FOREVER!!! He was in the car right
next to ours... I couldn't really get his attention :( but
WOW I was sooo excited... He looked the same and I all of a
sudden I felt this rush come over me. I am sooo happy!
Well... since her dad forgot to buy beer. (No he isn't a
drinker!) hehe We stopped at some liquor store, and right
next to the Liquor store is a Drug store. We went in and I
saw some really cool Lip Glosses and I had to buy them!!!
Afterwards we went back to her house and just as we got
inside my parents called and said they were gonna pick me
up. So I got all my stuff together and here I am! I'll c ya
tomorrow... or soon!!!