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2001-06-23 05:47:27 (UTC)

My Early Senior Will

Libby’s Senior Will… I will rule U.S.A.!!
*This is dedicated to my best friends... I love ya guys :) I couldn't
have gotten through high school without ya!*

Ashley: My bestest friend! I luv ya, thanx for always being
there! SHASTA!!! I want some USA! Frosting, whipped cream pies,
eating contests, 5 AM walks 1 day before school, 3-mile
walks home, worm sleeping bags, The Talking Feeling and
Doing game, strobe light dances, walkie-talkies, it’s not a
book cover, it’s a speedo, after school, Big Butt dance,
Kershaw Park, UHHHH, Silence of the Lambs & Can’t Hardly
Wait quotes :), “One time on S and the C… Mr. P,” Cemetary
Hide & Seek, Talking to dead people, *I’m riding my bike in
the cemetary*, Key Bank Corner, Pondo, Slushy ICEES, black
car chases then swimming in the lake, gibberish at the Y,
table seasonings are greeeat, you CAN see through the mesh, hot dog
venders… slow motion

Mary: thanx for all the advice, your my long lost sister! separated
at birth!! "I have to hide it from my dad," my TWIN, awwwh, The
Princess Bride… umm?, NCN, UHHH! You hit the old geezer!, don’t
argue!! I love dreaming of farms, intellectual “english” talks?, men,
food, me :), Take it to the house! burn-it!! the arbor, softball
games with the family, Pondo dessert, muffin, tip=all sarah’s change,
passing receipt notes to the dishboys, buying our “needs” at Eckerds,
driving on the pier blasting the nerve, wendy’s drive thru, what a
big corner… many poles, numerous club meetings, Lovers of Swimmers
and Divers, What a lovely U.S.A., Shane Battier=my fav athete, too
many late internet talks about just one thing… basketball, what’s a
womaniser?, cruising down main street blasting classical music,
buying pina coladas at chinese restaurants then spilling it from
blowing it.. laughing too hard ;) Role play on some toys at Ames,
Clifford!, "When I squeeze mine it doesn't make any noises!", Old
lady pajamas, "hey if you buy all these they will be your whole
school wardrobe.", The woman that told us about teenage
pregnancies, "all we wanted to know was if you edited your CD's", You
didn't mean to throw a ball at my face? It has stuff inside!, The
guy that opened his counter just for you, cause you had some SHASTA
and he fixed your vacuum at work, and those sunglass look good!,
Drive thrus forever! Frothy frosties! My dog begging, You told me she
had to go outside!!, Two for a dollar! the lady stopping you and
asking you about your shirt at Wal mart!, I NEVER RODE IN YOUR CART!
*next time*, Yelling at dirty shastas! the guy with his rolly thing!,
Getup and dance! Dirty nasty girl! CAKE!, Canada WET NOT DRY!
RMDOTFAGHTLMAO!! We are total touch chicas! My theory: Its worth the
wait, unless ya really want it at a certain time, then its good too!,
I'm gunna show you something but i gotta connect with someone first,
im facing down, im going up, ad project in the library.. we need 3

Will: Your my big brother, Charley, Mr. P, a man of a
thousand faces and a really long tongue, beach, shoulder
rides, pink elephant in your pocket, late nite chats,
midnight hugs, ICEES, walking 10 miles to see a movie, *we
must leave at 9*, quarters not small change, police car
rides, our “corner”, Pondo, cream & pads surprise for Royal
Mr. P, Cemetary hang out, towel twinz, I love your towel!

Matt: Thanx for always listening to me talk on and on about my lover
boy!!! haha your the greatest and thanks for understanding the
meaning of *true love* with me and standing by my side through every
little thing! our late nite chats online about one subject omg! it is
all about our bf/gf... lol

Christina: General! We make the best pudding!
Pudding Company is our destiny, is it supposed to be brown
like that? Poison! 4-wheeler rides getting oil, brownies &
cookies, Food fight!! Cake and doritos everywhere… wooo,
take out the hose, basketball games of HORSE, swing rides,
cheerleading stunts by the road, running… who’s in that
car?, gym class of rocking generals, “we’re so cool”=daily sayings, I
LUV YA… our main 3 words, long, intense internet talks, you rock
general!!! We will be navy women, your my mom with the bugspray and
sunscreen ready :) thanx mom!!

Sari: You will rule the world, LOL... LOL... haha, hehe, haha, hehe,
sdervulnem, pink elephant, lame movies with long walks, Pondo, Royal
Mr. P, pier car rides, creams, tests and pad surprise, no vanilla…
take out the cheese, ahh!, Key Bank corner… with our stop sign,
yelling at peeps off the roof, eating reeses peanut butter ice cream
on the roof at 1 am, worm sleeping bags, walking through wendy’s
drive thru, order Mcnuggets, lemonade not sprite?, towel twinz,
no “c” evil words, artemis striked again, secret spy moves, dirty
socks in that trash can now! The nerve rox! GODSMACK!!

Vicki: your my angel mommy! still waiting for a mission from
charley.. our internet chats are so deep with all our singing and
face fights LOL but its always fun!! and thanks for always being here
for me and being such a sweet awesome mom! sorry i will try to keep
my grammar right and be a good little girl :) and lets keep fighting
and being strong independent women doing our own thang! we're so cute
and sweet!! :) angel sistas forever luv ya nat

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