Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
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2002-06-25 04:29:51 (UTC)

alwayz da same

nothing too important went on today. i layed out and tanned
for like 2 hourz and burnt myself. haha. i never learn. me
and my momz got into a fight again. it neva stopz. der is
alwayz sumthin' wrong or sumthin' dat isn't right. my
family is so messed dup. i cant stand it. dey make me so
mad. i feel like i'm bein' held under water, i'm drowning
or like derz a pillow covering my face and i'm sufficating.
itz da same shit, every day. and i keep livin' dis day over
and over again. and i cant do n e thing to change it. no
matter how hard i try. every day i wake up and everythingz
da same.

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