my life (as told by me)
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2002-06-25 04:19:32 (UTC)

enjoying myself

hahaha i'm updating sooner than i thought i would be. it's
the 24th, still june, obviously. i got back from my
cousin's house yesterday. mighty interesting trip if i do
say so myself. lol. but i had fun. the only thing that
sucks about it is that i got sick. i got like a shithole
cold. my nose is like so stuffed up, and i'm sneezing like
a bitch. hahahahahaha a week and i'll be fine. i hope. cuz
i really dont like being sick during summer break. i got my
horse show in 2 weeks. i'm hoping that i'm going to do
better on this first one than i did on my first one last
year. i wasnt ready last year...and this year, i'm going to
be ready no matter what. nothing is stopping me but myself,
and if anyone tries to get in my way, all hell will break
loose, no doubt there. i'm very serious about showing when
it comes to my horses. the clothes, the tack, everything.
anyways, it's been a wicked long time since ryan and me
started dating. it'll be exactly one month on wednesday the
26th. yes, i did just check. lol. we started datin may
26th. anyways, let's see, what else is going on? not chicks are growing up so brother turned
25 on the 22nd. and i forgot to call him...and so did my
dad. lol. i felt horrible about it. cuz i told him like the
week before that i would call him. oh well, i know he'll
forgive me, since he does all the time anyways. he'll be
coming out near the end of july, early august, and those
weeks are going to be jam packed, since when he's here, i
chill with him for like the two weeks he's around. i only
get to see him once a year...twice if i'm lucky, and i try
to spend as much time as possible with him without pissing
him off. the older we get, the better he and i get along.
which is a really nice thing, because i can relate to him
really well with a lot of things. we can talk for hours.
it's really cool how close him and me are, since siblings
are supposed to hate each other. lol. well enough said,
more later on!