The Days in My Life...
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2002-06-25 04:17:17 (UTC)

My life is such a blur..

ok. I can't remember what I did wednesday night..so I'll
skip to thursday nite.

Wednesday nite I went PD wit Amanda, Candice and Cyn...it
was fun.

Thursday Cyn made me Monster Cookies (I love that girl)
Thursday nite I was bored so I walked to Grand Bay and
talked to Lisa and Jessyca for hours.. and than I walked

Friday nite we went down Jo's house.. went drinkin. And
went to the Port Club. Bruce actually stayed till the Port
Club closed.....wow..lol. The night proved to be pretty fun
(Right Amanda!) cept that the paintshaker left poor ole Jo
all by her lonesome..:-( meanie. And after, Amanda, Waylon
and I went to Harbourview...blah blah bla

Sat nite we went down Jo's bro's and went drinkin..of
course..lol and went to the legion. Lotsa fun.. Amanda had
some fun that nite.. while I had one guy confusin me...and
like 5 old guys tryin to talk to me... ugh..lol
Than Jamie, Amanda, and I went to Harbourview. And we all
went home..lol

Sunday, walked up the road..talked to a bunch of people..
watched Danielle paint her toenails on the parkin lot
(she's crazy)
went home..had some supper. Went up the road wit
Amanda..hung out at CN. Than Amanda went up High St. and I
went back downtown and met up wit Jamie and Trent. The 3 of
us wandered around for a bit.. and than we met up wit
Crystle and we drove round for a bit. Than she dropped us
off and we had coffee/tea at Harbourview. and wandered
round CN and Jamie played arcade games. Warning to ya's
all...Jamie on caffine is worse than normal Jamie....it
makes for a very interestin evening. Than we went downtown
and hung in the doorway of the Dollor Store and went on

Today I went up the road wit Amanda... and we met up wit a
bunch of people.. We went for a coffee wit Crystle, Neil,
Jamie and Trent. Than we hung out in the doorway of the
Dollar Store.. and talked to Melissa for a bit. As we made
our way home we met up wit Tommy and talked to him for a
sec. And wellm here I am..lol



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