The Confusion That I Call My Lif
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2000-10-23 23:13:33 (UTC)

Well, nothing yet, he hasn t..

Well, nothing yet, he hasn't been on-lone when I have...but he hasn't
e-mailed me either. The more and more time that goes by, the more and
more I want him to call...something. I am tempted to call
him, but I threw his number away (I didn't think that I'd need it)
I'll waight until next time we are both on-line...if he doesn't IM
me, I'm going to IM him and tell him that this is just playing with
my emotions...and that I would like to know what's up.

I hope that we can continue to talk and start to build a would be realy nice...I mean serioulsy, he lives like
5 min away (driving), I live right accross the street from a Wendy's
that he goes to all the time, and he's at the mall alot. I am bound
to run into him on an occasion. I already did once, but he didn't see

I don't know how many of you are in this same situation, but I have
mid-terms this unbelievable anoying is that? I also have
make up work, so it is like 10 times worse...I went up to Mass. for 5
days last week (Friday through Tuesday) then I was sick on Thursday
and didn't go to school...I had that one day flu thing that has been
going around.

O.K., enough talking about school. I think that my head will explode
if I think about it anymore. Anyways, I had homecomming last let me tell you how that went. We had this whole awsome
plan for homecomming, but like everything else, guys screwed it up.
We (Becky, Lauren, and Amber-a group of some of my closest friends)
had a plan to all have dates, rent a limo (the origional plan was to
get a Navigatior, but none of us are 25 so they won't insure us), go
out to eat, go to the dance, then go to the dance, leave the dance
early and go to the comedy club up in Ft. Myers, then go back to
Lauren's house and have a little party.

Well, nothing happened as planned. We were late from our nail
apointment, so everything got pushed back. We were supposed to get
picked up at 6...well it didn't end up being until 7...then dinner
took a little longer than expected, so when we left the dance, we
didn't leave in time to make the first show. And it wouldn't have
been all that bad if your dates hadn't cancled at 4 am! My date and
Lauren's date cancled at the last min, then Ambers did the next day
(as in the day of) at 10 am. How shitty is that?

Well, we had fun...could have been better, but then again, it could
have been worse too. Well, I have to go and study fun fun...

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