Don Juan

2002-06-25 02:55:47 (UTC)

Past, Future, Present

The past, well... I've talked about that too much on here.
I've had my experences of fun, horror, shame, pain,
heartache, freedom, imprisionment, and everything else
inbetween. And I should probably just leave them as such.
The present hasn't changed much besides my signing up for
college... and I've explained my present enough on here as
well. Now as for the future, how can you talk about
something that knows no bounds... that you're not sure of
yet... how can you talk about the decisions you'll make
before you even know the choices? All I know is that I
want to be me and I don't really care who likes it. I do
care about the person that will like it. I want to find
someone that really does care about that me... the real
me. No phony facades, just me. I hope I can find someone
like that in the future... that's really the only future
that I look forward to.