my life and how i am in it
2001-06-23 04:23:14 (UTC)

Enemies to Friends

Christine is one of my closest friends and it's akward now
for me to think that there was one time when I used to hate
her. As I look back on the days when I used to hate her, I
think 'wow what a baby I was.' If you ever meet
Christine,you'll see that she is beautiful, friendly,
always up for a challenge and can be a major asset on your
best friend list.
I remember how I began to hate her. It was all because of
our ex, Blaize. Interesting name, huh. I dated Blaize
first, for awhile. We were one of those couples that brake
up then get back together. Anyway we finally broke up for
the last time on Valentines Day because his
parents "wanted" us to brake up. I was hurt and didn't
know how to get over him. I wasn't willing to let myself
get over him because I had invested so much time into him.
For the rest of my days I tried to keep myself busy but it
didn't work. Luckily I'm a swimmer and it was swim season
so I had all those late work-outs so I didn't see him after
school anymore. Not only that but he had his own work-outs
because he's a pole vaulter.
Anyway after practice had ended and I had gotten ready and
was putting in my contacts and I over heard Kari talking to
this chick. They were talking about Blaize and the chick
was asking for info on him. Kari looks at me and says "Ask
Mariana, she dated him." This was my first encounter with
Christine. She asked me about him. I told her where he
slept, the names of his parents, why we broke, basicly
anything I could think of. I even told her what an asshole
he was. Then told her he really wasn't and that I actually
still liked him. Told her what a sweet guy he was and what
he did for me one time in Freshman year. He sang "I'll
never break your heart" by the Backstreet Boys when he was
walking me home one day. But that's cause I said the next
guy who sang that to me, I'd date. (I'm a hopeless
romantic, what do you want!) Anyway he really liked me so
he sang it to me. It was incrediably sweet. Anyway back to
Christine and I, Christine then gave me her number and I
gave her mine. She called me that night for his number.
She called him.
Anyway later on that week, we had a swim meet. I forgot
who it was against. It was the begining meets 'cause we
didn't have our team suits in yet. Anyway he showed up and
I went over to talk to him. He told me there that he was
going to ask her out. I felt crushed like someone had just
ripped out my heart, put it in a blender and hit crush!
That was when I felt Christine was the enemy. I ignored
her for the rest of the season as she did me. Actually
that's not true. At some away meet at Long Beach we were
giving eachother wedgies.(don't ask) Anyway Christine's
ass is probably on a video right now because some guy was
filming the pool area and I gave her a wedgie! hahaha
Anyway not only that but we were up for the same event.
We're both butterflyers. I was on jv select and she was on
varsity but we still competed. I would watch her time and
compare to mine. My goal was to beat her. She is a really
good butterflyer despite what she'll tell you. I beat her
this year but she is a kick ass freestyler and so is Love-
I didn't have any classes with her but I had two with
Blaize; Spanish and History. He sat next to me in history
so I'd talk to him about whatever. Pretty much trying to
lure him back. In class I would diss her whenever I
could. Our history teacher, Mr. Quigley would diss you in
class but if he did that, it meant that he liked you.
Anyway Mr. Quigley was talking about some lecture and then
said,"this will happen at the same chance as if Blaize ever
got a date." (which meant never) and Lena yells out "But
Blaize has a girlfriend." Mr Quigley said in reply,"What is
she a freshman?" I said,"She's short enough to be!"
Everyone then said "oooo" Everyone in that class knew I
liked him 'cause Lena anounced it to the class when he was
home one day(that's another story). And my friends and I
used to call her "OOmpa lumpa" and say that she was the
perfect height for Blaize (hence why we would call blow-job
bitch.) Blaize is 6'2" he could be taller now, I dunno. I
was vicious. Anyway Blaize used to tell me that she didn't
know a lot of stuff. Like "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen or
um.. I don't remeber, just stuff that I knew he liked.
Anyway I used to invite him to stuff without her 'cause I
hated her. Like to my Six Flags thing (when I said that
anyone could go as long as they told me). They dated until
Jr. year. They broke up in the begining. And I found this
to be great. I thought it was about damn time. Once again
I still liked him but didn't persue him 'cause I knew it
was hopeless. I began to get over him and do that whole
man- hate thing then onto liking guys from other places.
Anyway Christine and I avoided eachother until swim season
this year. We both made Varsity and we hung out with the
same people so it was hard for us to avoid eachother. She
began to date Todd. I still didn't like her but I hung out
with her anyway. I remeber the day I began to losen up
around her. It was a study group at Lena's for Chemistry.
Yeah like we were really studying for chem! Anyway
Christine was going through this magazine and I was sitting
across from her. She then said "Mariana,, you look like
this chick from Dark Angel." I was like "what?" You guys
all know the Dark Angel show, that girl is perfect. Anyway
I looked at her funny but said "Thanks for the compliment."
(I love compliments!)
Anyway at the John Marrow invitationals, Alex B. and I were
done with all our events and decided to shower and get
dressed. Now if you know Christine, she takes LONG
showers! So she was in there. She decided to ask me about
Todd and Laura. Laura is Todd's ex and Christine felt
Laura was after him. I told her it was in her imagination
and that he really liked her. This is when I began to
realize how simmilar Christine and I were. We began to
talk about Blaize and I then discovered the truth about
him. But because we talked about Blaize and Todd we became
the inseperable pair. Blaize was the reason we never
became friends but if it wasn't for him I would never have
met her (and if I had never have met her, my life would have
been boring!) Blaize was the cause of our destruction and
our friendship. And I realized that Blaize did us good and
bad. He changed both of our lives (I won't tell you now,
that's another entry). So thanks Blaize. No guy will ever
come between us again. Chicks before dicks! Always
remember that, 'cause guys will come and go but girls need
to stick together.