Purple Coffee, Blue Monkies
2001-06-23 04:17:29 (UTC)

Love Bites

I just plain don't know what to do. I try everything.

I just got a call from Brian. He's like, you're a
cock-blocker. I'm like why? He was like, cuz Gianna wouldn't
do anything with me. I'm like oooook. Then he kept on buggin
me until I was like listen, i'm not too good right now. I
feel horrible. Then he was like blah blah, i'm gonna go. I
was like, talk to me, please? And he was like no...i'll talk
to you on the internet. And I was like why? And he was like
because I can't deal with you right now.

I try so hard to make him understand me. Then I dunno. I
dunno if he's mad at me, or what. So I get off the fone and
I'm like, I should call him back. So I called him back and I
was like hey. We said hey a coupla times and then I was like
soooo ::long silence:: What kinda flowers do you like? And
he was like "blue roses" And I was like oh, I personally
like the green roses. ::another long silence:: then i was
like soo...what are you doing? And he was like I thought we
were still talking about flowers. And I was like, oh.

Wait, change of measure. I just got off the fone with him
yet again. He was just playin with me before. He's not mad!
Joy! It's amazing how quickly things can change...which
brings about my next entry...