All my random psycotic babbles on everyt
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2002-06-25 01:54:44 (UTC)


talk about your turn of events......... wow.
Tim & Di are back together again... they only ended up
breaking up for a week & a half.
The guy I like, I've guessed for a long time that he's liked
me... he actually admitted it today. My friend Di was
talking to him about me, he basically said that he wants a
relationship with me but hes scared.. He had said that he
doesnt think hes ready, nor will ever be ready. Goddess, in
a way that makes me feel soooooo much better. It makes me
feel better because I know its not just one sided on my
part. He's borrowing my Ouija board tonight because he has
some questions for it. Now, after tonight, I am more certain
than ever that the questions he had asked it on Friday were
about me... he hadnt asked the questions aloud but the 2
answers were "J" & "yes". My first initial is a "J".

Well only time will tell what the gods have in store.