the roads not taken
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2002-06-25 01:49:18 (UTC)

my friends...other for later entry

alright, i sure am on a roll with taking people's ideas o
guess..once a while back i saw emily jones write letters to
her this entry is for best friend...past friends i still
care about....and other friends i have thoughts on. there
will be another entry for enemys and people i've had major
recent drama with.

christy murphey-
you know how i feel about you and the thoughts i have on
own friendship, but i might as well write them again. you
are my best friend, in the since that we don't have to be
doing anything to have an awesome time and i trust you. and
i love you. you are about one of 2 people that i really
trust with all i got and i'm not talking about with my
secrets but i do include that, but i trust you with myself,
i don't worry about bitchying back stabbing coming from you
and that means alot to me. you've been there with me
through so much. but i do seems that we've
almost been growing apart now that we are getting older and
i hate it, but as you've said before and the proof i've
seen. when you make a friend you don't lose them. so i
don't worry all that much.

keri swanson- keri.. oh keri..i really do miss hanging out
with you. 9th grade was a really great year for us, we
really bonded and went thought a lot of similar things. we
sure know how to have lots of fun (esp when nana isn't
around) i just miss you andlove you mal! i know people tell
you things that aren't true and hurt you..don't believe
them, gossip is stupid and only arrogant people believe in
it and they are not worth your time. in 2 years we've had 1
fight and it was small and during homecoming stress..thats
pretty dang good don't you think? :)

krista dunsmoor- there is just too much for me to type.
we've gone through alot of bullcrap in the path to becoming
friends and yes i'm talking some about beyond when we
offically made up. i've greatly enjoyed some of the late
night conversations we've had. its like we're on the same
level with certain things that we aren't with other people
and i think you'd agree. and i big one is the pain we share
over not knowing about some of family and wondering. yeah
sometime we get in bitchy mood towards each other but it
rare and usually in the moments of being hyper and crazy.
you are a very strong girl and i've seen you grow in tot
that more recently and i'm proud of you. i think alot of
what happened has in a way made me stronger and i think
you'd agree. i love you for it too.

anna macentee- there have been times that i would of been
so lost without you. your advice and just general support
has helped me so much. you've helped me to come to the
realization that i don't need to worry myself with stupid
bitch tricks and i thank you for that.

sean calihan- i'm so happy that you are doing better and
that i got to be there for you when you were going through
some stuff. we had some good times when we were dating and
we're still countinuing to have some good times and i hope
that doesn't stop esp now that you are getting back into
the wacky funny i remember hating down in the yellow
house... hehehehe sad but true but thats in the past. we're
older now and actually know each other. remember you rock
my world.

stephen adams- so much I KNOW. the past few months that
we've beeng hanging out and really talking more have been
great. even though i've always trusted you and i thought of
you in high reguard. even since last summer when we talked
i knew i could really trust you and i still do. our
friendship is very important to me and i love you.

emily jones- in all honesty i haven't been instilling much
of my trust in you until recently, last year wasn't great
for us but we've had out times and time to reflect upin our
mistake and actions over the last yeat and now i truly
think of you as a tresured friends and i love hanging out
with you again, it feels more fun then from when we did
before but thats another story for another time.

jeremy brown-

kathryn pelon-

danny kuykendall *sp :(*-

cody harris-

kathryn wills-

nicole conley-

if you are reading this a feel left out i am so sorry.
perhaphs you will be on the next entry like this (weel that
may not be good) or maybe i still love you just we don't
have drama and just fun and in that case you know who you
are and i still love you!