Oh Captain
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2002-06-25 00:12:54 (UTC)

(to the tune of a conga line) Update, update, up-DATE! Update, update, up-DATE!

So Cooper and I have decided to chop it off after the first
8 chapters. Part 1, that is. We'll be going through the
chapters and correcting typos, looking for discontinuity,
and other such general maintenance. Also, we'll be
working on chapter 1 of part 2. Instead of him writing
the odd chapters and me writing the even ones, now
we'll both work on what we want to go into the chapter,
and then synthesize the two in one massive orgiastic
editing session. Kind of. Actually, just like that, but a lot
less exciting.

So...we may be a while. I don't know what order we'll be
doing the editing and writing in, and I doubt that there
will ever be a set schedule, or even anything remotely
like it, in the future. But hey, that's how writing is. Later!