The Daily Babble
2001-06-23 03:21:03 (UTC)

Finally! The end to a week of hell!

God this whole week was such a mess, I'm so glad to see it
end! Yesterday was just crazy...I had morning class of
course and then went off to work, which was beyond
stressful!...Just as we get a system down with patients and
phone calls, something happens that messes everything up.

I did get an email from Caryn and Merissa and then even
Jill called my cell, but I couldn't pick up cuz of the I called her when I left for school and talked
to her pretty much the whole drive to NJIT.

Soo of course she's having some major issues which I tried
to help out with and I do hope I was of some help. Her
situation is just f-ed up and I just want it to be all over
and I'm sure she does too....So we chatted ...I convinced
her not to go to her work and do what she watned to do, and
she agreed, though I was still a lil afraid that she was
gonna go. We agreed that I'd call her wwhen I got outta
class and maybe do something later that nite and then I
went over to the computer lab and to class.

So get this...Wednesday nite, I stayed up to the my
PowerPoint presentation cuz the professor said he ordered
it for me....Then I get to class and the media services
never brought the equipment! So I was a lil annoyed....I
gave my presentation sometime in the middle and I was a lil
nervous, I kept stammering, but I think it went pretty
well...the professor asked some questions and stuff and
then I was done.

I felt really bad though cuz this one girl went to give
hers and the professor didn't agree ith her topic at all!
AS soon as she was done, he said "soo what's your
point???" And she got all flustered....And then the
professor pretty much went on and on about how wrong her
paper was!

Anywayz we got outta class later than 10 to 9
and I started driving home...I called Jill and she didn't
pick up her house line or her I thought the I went to check up on her and I drove over to
Barnes and Noble...!!! I know that's bad but I really
thought she'd give in....I walked around the store and I
didn't see her so I drove out and called her on the way to
my house..she picked up the phone!!! I told her what I did
and she cracked up! I'm glad she wasn't mad. So we
decided that she was just gonna come over in a little bit
so I drove home and changed and started to eat when she
came over. My parents went to sleep. First they got all
retarded and they're like "she's coming over NOW??!" But I
just told them to go to sleep and not worry about it. =-)

So I ate dinner and we chatted and then went to the living
room and talked. We talked like non-stop about like
everything! It was really godo and I'm really glad she
came over. At one point, Mere called so I made Brownies
and ice cream while they talked and then I talked to her
for a while. Jill ended up leaving around 1:30 AM! We
made plans to get together Saturday morning to get our
eyebrows done! Haha.

Today was just a really really bad day! I got to work at
9:30...Magda didn't come to work again and I was all alone,
so I called Nimra to tell her and she was already on her
way...So I started my work and then she showed up and a lil
while later, Muhammed did....So once again, we had to
handle phone calls even though we didn't want to but I
actually got a few files for billing done! But when Dr.
Carney's patients started coming in, I had to go downstairs
and that's when the hell started.

See we had to double book his patients cuz he had a surgery
in the morning. So I was taking care of like 3 patients at
a time AND phone calls..running from different rooms,
making charts, looking for files, finding faxes and sending
faxes, etc etc etc. Then Nimra had to leave cuz her
brother got sick and wanted to go home! And Muhammed left
to go get us all lunch, so it was just me and Muhammed's
brother Mustafa. It was ridiculous.

But the worst part of the day was when I let a patient be
treated and leave without paying!!! See, he didn't have
any insurance so I didn't know what to bill him, but before
I could ask Nimra or Dr. Carney, he was sent to a room and
treated and I went upstairs to eat lunch! Then Nimra came
upstairs and told me what happened. I felt so bad! This
guy practially had it all planned out and what's worse is
that I like made this appiontment esp. for him cuz he said
it was an emergency..then when it came time to pay the
bill, he said he left his check book at home! So I called
his house and he wasn't there and then he called back. So
I told him that he didn't pay and I needed him to come back
and pay..He had the audiacity [?] to tell me that it wasn't
a big deal cuz he was an old patient of the doctor's and
he'd mail the check! So now we gotta hope the check comes
in the mail by Tuesday!!! It was bad.

Then there were some other issues and Dr. Carney didn't
leave til 3! Even though his hours really end at 1! After
a while I went upstairs to join everyone else cuz it gets
so creepy downstairs...we talked and worked and then I left
around 5:30.

I actually had a really good evening at home...I had a very
good conversation with my dad and even my uncle
called and I talked to him for a few minutes...I got my
outfit ready for tomorrow [for the thing at my
cousin's]...I talked to Cathlin and atler talked to
JIll...helped with dinner and started reading for Monday.
But now I'm gonna get to bed cuz I'm starting to get lonely
and I need some sleep! Its gonna be a long weekend!
Argh. But don't worry, you'll hear about it! =-)

G'nite all!

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