The Game
2001-06-23 03:19:13 (UTC)

Charlie Brown got screwed.....

you have all read peanuts right? well then you all know
that he can never manage to get the little red haired
girl.... i really like how well this allusion has served me
so far.....

the bond of friendship is something to respect..... and i
do, but.... goddamnit!

ok yeah.... so i really had very little hope of doing
anything with Red, but she was being rather friendly on
thursday.... then it turns out her best friend has
developed feelings for me i had hoped were long lost..... i
like her, just not in that way..... i really don't feel
like doing that again..... it didn't work last time.....

i could deal with this without any problem and it would be
all good...... except for the slight problem that this
utterly and completely kills any chance, no matter how
slim, of ever doing anything with Red.... suddenly i am
utterly off limits, she just stopped flirting..... *sigh*

how do i deal with this now? i can't very well say
anything about it, because it would just cause problems and
then i wouldn't be able to hang out with them and i do
quite enjoy their company..... i can always manage to get
myself into shitty situations..... grrrr.....

*sigh* i guess the best thing i can do is just give up on
Red and see if i can manage to keep them both as


Every day is another toss of the dice.

~~Fortis Exaequo Vita~~