2001-01-04 20:26:43 (UTC)

Dear Diary, 01-04-01 Today at..

Dear Diary, 01-04-01
Today at school was pretty boring. Were preparing for exams
next week. Im ready. Theres a party this weekend and Dallas
has asked me to go with him. I told him I would. Ive made
the decision to start getting over Matt. Maybe hell never
see me as more than a friend maybe he will but all I know
is that im wasting my life hoping for matt to notice me. So
my late new years resolution is to get over him and move on
with my life. So i plan to go to the party with Dallas and
have a good time. Maybe ill even meet a new guy. Wish me
luck. So onto another subject Kevin is still really mad at
me and still wont tell me why. He is so stubborn and
muleheaded. Well if thats the way he wants it to bee fine
with me I cant make him like me. Steph got a nwe haircut
today and it looks really good. Shes still fighting with
Jason. I know it has to be hard on her but she wont talk to
me about it. I want to help her but I dont know how to
reach her. I dont know what to do. Well im gonna go for now
so ill seeya.