2002-06-24 21:28:30 (UTC)


Back at the colony today. Funny, the thing I was
complianing about at the other place, just standing around
working, is the same thing I was doing today. Gore is
sending a bunch of stuff back so we were cutting tags off
the merchandise. Carolyn didn't act to surprised to see
me. Guess she kinda knew I would come back. Yesterday,
Nick and I went out to eat at Ryans. You know, that place
where my girl threw a gummy bear at a balloon.(hahaha)
What a nut!! Then, me and him went to the park to meet up
with his computer buddies. People he met on the internet
that actually get together and hang. They seemed like
alright people. Of course I had to speak up coz Nick was
his terrible self at introducing me. I threw a frisbee
around with this guy for a little bit. Afterwards, we all
just hung out. I stayed pretty quiet for not knowing
anybody but I would throw a few sentences out here and
there. I stayed for about an hour and a half, then went
home. I didn't feel like staying home so me and my brother
went golfing. It was hot so we rented a cart. I was
cruising around that course. I didn't play all that well.
I lost more golf balls there than I had all year. Well,
thats all I got to say for now I guess. Stay cool and take
care. Love you, BYE!!!