mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-06-24 21:22:46 (UTC)

schools out.......

schools out until August 29...Jessica is spenndin some time
up w/me she came up last fri, and i s gonna be w/me till
wed. Nicole & mike have had friends Courtney & Kyle over
for a while now, i think we adopted them for the
lisa and i have been gettin along real good lately, and i
love her to death...
We are plannin on goin down to ct for next wed , not sure
how it will work really, but we will figure it out as irt
goes.. .We have been havin car trouble lately w/both subaru
and van, it has cost us about 1100 in the last month for
both vehicles.. gonna have to rob a bank to pay for
vacation now, but will get by..
Is it August 29 yet ???

Lisa - I LOVE YOU !!!!