The lost little girl
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2002-06-24 20:55:28 (UTC)

it's been too long, i know

i swear i got 40 emails from friends and whatnot telling me
to write in this. i'm sorry, i just kept putting it off.
last night i went and hung out with chris, jimmie and jeff.
we didn't do much, just hung out at jimmie's house. see
there was a big storm...but we aren't getting into that...i
was being a dork and stupid and stuff...
tonight i'm going to soule's house to meet everyone. after
that we are all going to carpool and go play flashlight tag.
i know it's something for little kids, but we all have a kid
in our hearts ;)!!
i go back to buffalo soon with crystal. i think we'll be
fine on time and stuff. the only reason i should be worried
is if her car doesn't work. that would suck big time....i
mean it's important to go back..it's my huge family
picnic...that the time i get to see everyone. and get toys (
but that's another story too)..
well i'm gonna go . i will talk to you soon enough. i
promise to keep in touch more often than i do!! ;) love you
- AJ ( Amazon Jane..it's dana's nick name for me)

daily quote :
" I haven't drank a beer since they invented the funnel" -
crystal's mommy..LOL