Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2002-06-24 20:27:25 (UTC)

Dra Myhkiyka uv Al Bhed (The Language of Al Bhed)

Yvdan dra namydejamo cuspna suut uv so ahdno, E lruca du
dyga cusadrehk y meddma suna ybbayehk vnus Final Fantasy
X, hysamo dre Al Bhed myhkiyka. Du sa edc endanacdehk pid
du udranc ed syo pa punehk. Pid drec ec so teyno cu E'mm
lussahd uh ed yhofyo. Cehla E uhmo duug yh ehdanacd eh ed
dfu tyoc yku, E's cdemm naddehk dra ryhk uv dra myhkiyka
yht ys dnoehk du maynh dra lunnald nimac vun frah du gaab
funtc eh English yht frah drao ryja du pa dnyhcmydat ehdu
Al Bhed. E drehg ed femm dyga xoeda y frema du kad ed
nekrd. Ev yhouha amca ryc drec cyt ehdanacd, E't mega du
rayn vnus dras. Hell, dyga drec translation guide yht dno
yht maynh ed ouincamv yht fa lyh cdynd y dnaht uv Al Bhed
dymgehk. E sekrd ryja syta cusa annunc cu vunkeja so
fnedehk. Ihdem E esbnuja, aqbald syho ahdneac du pa vimm
uv Al Bhed.

Al Bhed:y p l t a v k r e z g m s h u b x n c d i j f q o w
English:a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

After the realtively sombre mood of my last entry, I chose
to take something a little more appealing from Final
Fantasy X, namely the Al Bhed language. To me its
interesting but to others it might be boring. But this is
my diary so I'll comment on it anyway. Since I only took
an interest in it two days ago, I'm still getting the hang
of the language and am trying to learn the correct rules
for when to keep words in English and when they have to be
translated into Al Bhed. I think it will take quite a
while to get it right. If anyone else has this sad
interest, I'd like to hear from them. I'd like to hear
from anyone right now, I'm quite bored. Hell, take this
translation guide and try and learn it yourself and we can
start a trend of Al Bhed talking. I might have made some
errors so forgive my writing. Until I improve, expect many
entries to be full of Al Bhed.

English:a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
Al Bhed:y p l t a v k r e z g m s h u b x n c d i j f q o w