A window to my soul
2001-06-23 02:36:49 (UTC)


I don't see why, or how this happens. How can I be walking
on air one moment, then, in a brief time flash, I am
spinning into an emotional hole. It doesn't seem right. I
don't see why, I am the only girl I know, who has never had
a guy like her. And see the crazy thing about that is,
twenty minutes ago, I felt happy, and joyful, it seemed as
though that was not true. Then, in one little innocent e-
mail, my world goes crashing. Why has noone ever liked me?
And why does the only guy I ever confided in, never talk to
me anymore? Life is too cruel, I know that God has a plan
for me, but it seems so far off tonight. I have no clue as
to what His awesome plan is, and if I could only grasp a
little of my future, maybe I would learn to be patient. But
right now, I feel lost, and depressed. I have noone to turn
to, I cannot confide in anyone. I have noone to confide to.
I need you God! I cry out in desperation! there is noone
else to listen! Noone else who cares! I am lost without
you, yet, with you, I am impatient! Please, I need to know
that you care, if noone else! I beg you! I love you, I need