Define normal. What is normal.. I know I
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2001-06-23 02:35:06 (UTC)

THE PULLING COMPETITION. I am officially crowned Queen of the sluts. Perhaps its not something to be proud of. Doubt I'll be writing home about that then!

4th December 2000

El and I went to New Yorks determined to pull. Once again
had not eaten anything was was well off my face. We decided
to have a competition to see who could pull the most people
and so started pulling anything remotely male. And I mean
remotely. Sometimes I think perhaps the people we pulled
weren't fit to be called human at all! Anyway, we seriously
must have pulled AT LEAST half of the dance floor as we just
circled groups of blokes and rotated round until we'd pulled
them all! No one objected tho!! Quite a fun night tho, so
long as I try not to think about what I could have caught
off those mingers! :( Highlight of the night was definately
when a big fat flabby grotesque bloke dribbled in El's ear!
She looked like she was about to throw up! Anyway, I won,
14 - 12! Not bad! 14 blokes in a night!

Guess it was the whole ego boost self esteem thing, but I
dont seem to learn because I don't stay proud of myself fo
long. Now I just feel cheap and worthless and used. Which is
always a great way to feel. When will I learn??


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