I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-06-24 19:35:48 (UTC)

I just tattooed my thumb

I didn't mean to. I had a pen with a superfine tip and
forgot that the top wasn't on and jabbed the tip into my
thumb and it really hurts.

Watched the World Pastry Championship on Food Network last
night. Lots of countries competed, and the desserts looked
SO INCREDIBLY GOOD! I caught the tail end, and then it
came award time....they gave out the bronze and it went to
Italy, and then the silver went to Japan, and it came down
to Canada and the US for gold....and I was rooting for the
US and they won! And the stupid sap that I am started
crying. Over the World Pastry Championship. I can't even
believe myself.

I also had a dream that I was in like, 4 car crashes and
it was very bizarre and I was worried about Nicole and
called the domestic abuse hotline for her (not telling her
cause I knew she'd get upset) but then hung up but they
called me back. It was a very unsettling dream. And then
this morning, TJ gets into an accident. His car is
seriously fucked. Poor guy. Odd how that happens
though...dreams coming true in some sense. Hmmm...

Then went to school and found out that I didn't get on the
Welcome Team, and that was depressing and then I sat in
math class for 45 mins. and my teacher didn't show up and
it was a huge waste of time. And then I called another job
and they won't tell me anything either way. I mean, even
if they tell me to fuck off, at least I don't have to
waste my time waiting for an answer.

I have new pictures scanned.