The Black Hole
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2001-06-23 02:25:24 (UTC)

Untill we meet

THis is how I feel EVERYtime I see him-Jake.

When I look at him my heart starts to burn
and my lips turn numb
My mind goes in circles
and I tumble to the ground

I have dreams of him being there for me
holding my hand
kissing my cheek
listening to my unperfect world

I have dreams of me being there for him
That he could tell me anything
and that he would let me care

When I think of him
there is nothing else
It is the perfect world
with just us

I have many dreams
The dream where he notices me
He goes out of his way
just to talk to me once
or to get a glimpse

I wish Jake liked me THis is how I feel. I can;t sleep at
nioght because I like him so much