Alleara Beasle

Life of a Death Eater
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2002-06-24 19:28:43 (UTC)

The Gil'Jaraine Clan of Mystics...

I am a Dream-Walker. A Dream-Walker who comes from the
Gil'Jaraine, or the Clan of the Mystics. All of the Mystics
are psychic, but tormented ones whose supernatural powers
are a curse rather than a blessing. Our psychic powers rise
only when we physically touch another human being, or when
we sense a powerful change in the world's spiritual
atmosphere (in other words, when something hella big is
about to happen). When we gain visions, we go into
epileptic seizures which cannot be cured, although there is
a potion which will soften the pain. Needless to say, it is
difficult being both a Death Eater and a Mystic.

There are three ranks to the Gil'Jaraine, the Dream-
Walkers, the Death-Searchers, and the Animal-Talkers. The
Dream-Walkers (like me), which are the least common, posess
the innate ability to travel in others' dreams, view them,
and in a few instances change their outcomes. The Death-
Searchers posess the power of Dark magic, but they use it
for good only... They can look into the delicate balance of
life and death and sometimes even manipulate it. The Animal-
Talkers, which are the most common, can communicate with
animals and always have them as familiars.

Nonetheless, I am a Mystic, which in itself is difficult,
but I am also a Death Eater, for I am working hard to
restore the glory of my people. One day long ago we were
the powers of the world, but people began to fear our
powers, and we were shunted into an accursed secret

These are the basics of my Clan. Maybe someday I will tell
you more...