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2001-06-23 02:23:13 (UTC)



dear diary,
i am so pissed right now. i don't know whyso many
people have to promise something and then not do it anyway?
what's that supposed to be? do they feel good doing that?
no, i don't think so.
i hate it when you are so happy about something that
you get ready for it and put on your happiest face and then
they just say, oh, it's not gonna happen after all. that is
just so so mean.
sometimes i just wanna explode, you know get mad and
just say what i wanna say. but that would be the time when
i really can't take it anymore. i can but i don't know if i
can take it any longer.
the meanest part is that they pretend that they don't
know anything about it. like you feelings don't matter.
like whatever. they talk like they're so happy. i hate that
a lot.