Nicky's World
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2002-06-24 18:53:05 (UTC)


the youth in charge summit was off the hook! i had so much
fun. i meet a lot of new people and i grew closer to the
ones i went with. i have exspecialy grown closer to kyle
and matt. me and mendy even grew closer, a little. i meet
this really cool guy from mississippi named julian. he was
so cool and funny.

they gave all kinds of free stuff like a cool bookbag and a
shirt and a viser and just a lot of neato stuff. it's was
great. they evern gave us a calling card so we could call
our parents.

well fri night- we went skating and the truth truck was
there which was awsome. they played music and stuff it was

sat.- we had a dance and we ended up playing volleyball
with our own was great.. then we worked out. the
hotel we stayed in was nice it had everything!

sun.- we had to leave(tear) i wanted to stay there, man. on
the way back i got a nice nap though. then when i got there
i had to go my brothers stupid baseball practice which was
boaring. and vbs started last night so i went to church.
which was fun we got to play games and stuff.

well now on to my personal stuff.

brittani is scaring me big time. it's like all she ever
does is drugs anymore... and not just pot but other bad bad
ones that could prolly kill her. she thinks no one cares
about her and if she stays high or messed up all the time
she won't be lonely and all her problems will disappear.
she doeasn't even go to church anymore. i love her to much
to just let her live like this but i really don't have any
clue on what to say or how to act. i want to just yell but
i know that doesn't work. i just pray for her every night
that God will help her and that God will give me the words
to say. and what the worst thing is i didn't even find this
out from her i found it out by reading her diary. she
didn't even call me and tell me what's going on in her
life. if you read this brittani i just want you to know i
love you...

i'm out.

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