Dark Secrets
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2002-06-24 18:03:15 (UTC)


Im always so afraid of he lying to me....who else? I must
say he is the most truthful guy i ever know of that makes
me doubt.....i noe i should trust him, i told myself to
sometimes...and if he did really cheat on me, it's not my
wrong, and that ive already done my best for him, to show
that i really love him. Some of the little things he did,
i'm so sensitive to every little reaction of his, i become
so sensitive because he's not rite by my side like i can
watch over him or will know whats happening to him, or that
i will know if he lies...No!

And i noe he has a quick and powerful mind, so gd that he
will noe the trick of covering up whatever im suspecting
through his little give-aways. I just want to stay close to
his heart...want him to feel the same too, i dun want
feelings to change, i want it to stay the same like when we
were together in real life, thats my base, my harbour. If
it's gonna change, i duno how ever strong i can bear with
the long wait of meeting him again.

My dear girl, u must be strong for the long wait, use ur
time wisely, make changes to ur life, brighten it up, make
every moment worthwhile, enjoy it, and appreciate the
simplicity of him that u are more than just a
person who needs him...

let's see, till tmr.

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