Alleara Beasle

Life of a Death Eater
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2002-06-24 18:00:51 (UTC)


Name: Alleara Beasle
House: Slytherin
Year: 5
Age: 15
Gender: Female (obviously)
Blood: Pure witch
Loves: Draco Malfoy
Hair: Purple-blue and long
Eyes: Deep purple
Personality: Shrewd, calculating, clever, mischievous
Broom: Zoomtail EX 360
Quidditch position: Chaser
Quidditch team: Silver Moonclaws

Is a: Thief, Death Eater, and psychic
A Dream-Walker of the Gil'Jaraine clan of Mystics
Proud member of the S.S.T.H. (Slytherin's Superiority of
the Houses) and T.I.H.G.L. (The I HATE Gryffindor League)
Was made a death eater by darkwolfe376

I was crying, slowly dying
Lost in the pain surrounding me...
As I cried in the rain...
He lifted me and gave me the mark...
I was whole once more...
And I called him Master!

The Dark Lord shall rise again, and with him all of our
glories and might as Death Eaters! Beware all who dare
oppose him!