2002-06-24 17:06:38 (UTC)

Riding In Cars With Boys

hey! well, wondering what the title has to do with my life?

last week (on friday) lionel took me to mc'donald's! i was
so happy. and he talks, also. but now, he goes out with
this one white girl named katrina. he told me he was going
to teach me how to drive his car, but he spends all of his
time with her. don't worry, he'll teach me how to drive
stick soon.

nate had a party because he graduated. i was dancing with
rusty, and at the end of the night he gave me a kiss on the
cheek. t-val was trying to spit game. he called me outside
and we were walking, and he was all trying to talk to me.
lionel and katrina were looking at us thru his window, so i
had to act like i ws interested in him just to show lionel
that i am not still sprung off of him.

i was dared to blow kurupt a kiss and now he is totally
stalking me. whenever he drives down the street he smiles
at me and shit. aaahhh! i'm beginning to get scared...(just
kidding). well, i didn't go to summer school today. it is
so boring!

well, anyway, pinky and i are still together. however, he
doesn't call me anymore. well, i haven't talked to him in
like a week. i'm grounded from the phone, and we don't see
each other at summer school. i'm going to tell him wither
he puts more effort into our relationship or we're just not
going to be together. i'm going to call him today when they
get out of school.

well, i'mma go. HOLLUH!