OhBaby It Is Me

2002-06-24 17:00:45 (UTC)

HA HA HA On the road again

I'm back. I am back and better then ever. You all
have no idea how stupid people are. Actually you do, b/c
you all are the people and you all are stupid. Yeah, I
don't have any friends anymore, MY ASS! I have more friends
now then I had a month ago. All I had to do was ditch
Chrissy and now everyone's my friend. Graduation was the
best in the entire world. I had SO much fun with Shaun.
We had the best time in the world, didn't we Shaun (MY BEST
FRIEND WHO'S SWEET ON ME) The best part was the party. It
was the funest thing in the world. I had all the people I
loved there, if not in person then in spirt. It was a time
spent with family and best friends. It was great!!