GoOd TiMeZ & bAd
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2002-06-24 16:57:11 (UTC)

the day i spent in hell!!!!!

omgosh okay well i had gotten over chris and was already
scoping out another guy justin. but chris started liking me
so he just started asking me out for some reason every time
he asked me out i turned him down. he asked me out 4 times
and finally the 5th time he asked me out i said i would go
out w/ him. now this was 2 days ago. anyways all of his
friends said that he wouldnt dump me after a day like he
had w/ his other girlfriends. well we had made out like
twice that night so i started to kinda like him. well the
next day him and his friend came over and they stayed at my
house for a while and when they went home and we made out
again twice so that's four times in one freakin day. well i
started to like him soooooooo much. anyways, i got home and
i was online and i asked his friend if he really liked me
and then chris started talking all this shit bout wanting
to be best friends b4 boyfriend and girlfriend. i was so
pissed off then i started looking at my pathetic life and i
started to want to kill myself. well i told chris and adam
i was sorry for anything i did to them and that it is all
over for me and that i loved them. well i got off and chris
called my cell phone and didnt want me to kill myself i was
so relieved taht he actually cared if i lived or died. then
adam called me and was tellin me he loved me. anyways now
they probly think i am a psycho bitch but all i want now is
to be w/ chris. i like him sooooooooo much. why cant we be
together!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!