nobody cares
2002-06-24 12:43:55 (UTC)

this sucks

my parents arent very nice i told them last night and then
again today that i wanted to go to the mall today but
nooooooo i have to put grout in the tile floor down stairs
because its my room but really i dont care if it need grout
or not because this is the only day this week and next that
i get to see my bf and it sux because he has to go to work
at 3 so i was gonna go over on the 9 10 bus but then my dad
went in town to drop off my aunt and when he gets back we
are doing the floor and he says it takes about an hour.
right now its 9 40 and lets say he gets homw in 20 mins
because its far away that means we wont be done till at
least 10 maybe a little buit later and then they want me to
put everything in order to put it in my rom so it will be
close to 10 30 before i can leave but the next bus would
only get here at 12 and get to highfield at 1 30 and then
the next bus to his house would be at 2 and then he has to
start to get ready to go to work at 2 30 and theres like no
point it suckkkkkkkssssssss