The Black Hole
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2001-06-22 23:56:09 (UTC)

Is it murder?

Does anyone actully read my diary?

My life is like a semi version of hell. Everythink that can
go wrong does! I took a nap my mom wakes me up and is like
clean your room. Its not that bad so I say just a min. I
don't know why she is making me clean my room...i mean its
my room and I don't see why I have to clean it. SHe never
is in least I don't think she does. She comes
back and grounds me. I am 16 I should not get grounded for
stupid ass stuff like that. Maybe if I got cought drinking
or something. Then it would be acceptble. SO instead od
goin to my guys house I had to stay at home *and think about
what I did*

Another thing...WHich I need tons of advice on. I know you
don't talk back but sometimes I wish it could happen. I
like Jake so much and Nothing I can do will let him know
ARRGG!! Maybe if you were real you could E-mail him and
tell him aboutnthis diary. Maybe that would be good and
maybe it would'nt. I just don't know. I had to leave for
my dads today and I went to OLesons JUST to see him one last
time. I could'nt stop smiling...No one thinks he Hot or
anything but to me he is and I just LOVE his personality!
Oh god he is so HOT! I have so many pictures of him on my
wal. He came over for homecoming andI ahd to take all the
pictures down and put them in my big soccer bank! ARRG!
WHy can't he like me?

Bye for now

Oh yeah...I can finally drive I turned 16 the 14th!

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