The Boy Looked At Johnny
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2002-06-24 05:56:02 (UTC)

Cousin Jill came down to London for a weekend trip

Remarkable! I said I was going to be "zen-like," and damned
if it doesn't seem to be working.

OK. Soon after my last, very ambiguous entry, Jessy called me,
and wanted me to come to '80s night, the big dance club
thing. Sure. I did, and she was very physical with me, I
thought. Whatever vibes I wasn't getting over the phone
earlier, I was definitely getting there in person. Yeah...I think
she's interested.

Because you know, I'm interested in her. She said something that
really put me off that night -- no need to recount it here -- but
regardless, I didn't make any big moves. I simply
either didn't feel the need to, or maybe I consciously forced myself
not to, I'm not sure which, honestly. But regardless: tonight we went
out again, saw the Bangs show, and then to Pittsburgh's only Krispy
Kreme, about half-an-hour outside the city, and ate doughnuts outside
under the big black sky. It was very sweet, and I had a nice time.
You know, a really nice time. It was fun. And I didn't give a shit
about what it "was": a date? An outing? A jaunt? Didn't care. It was
fun, period. I like her a lot; I think she's very cute and
intelligent and fun to be with. The main thing is -- the thing that
sets it apart from a lousy, strained outing with Kim, for instance --
the main thing is that I didn't for once translate that affection
into ill-advised physical advances. I held off, and told myself I
would kiss her if it felt right. And really, it didn't feel right,
but that doesn't mean it won't. I think it will soon. I'm going to
take this nice and easy. And THIS time, that plan actually seems

So yes, it was very good.

Bangs was good, too, but it was a very small turnout, and
they seemed a bit peeved. The upshot was I got to talk to
one of them -- Sarah, I think? -- and tell her how much
their show in Louisville back in 2000 meant to me, how it
was my first real big punk-rock show, and how great I
thought they were. I think she really appreciated it,
particularly in light of the lousy turnout. I have to say,
in my experience, there aren't any musicians friendlier than
the ones that record for Kill Rock Stars.

UPDATE, Aug. 19, 2002:

"She said something that really put me off that night -- no need to
recount it here..."

Ha ha. This was a classic Zany Misunderstanding, perhaps THE classic
Zany Misunderstanding. What I had THOUGHT she had said was "I can't
believe it's one o'clock and I haven't given a handjob yet." So, you
know, I was sort of (visibly) horrified that she would consider
giving handjobs to guys on what I thought was a date. So I was kind
of uneasy for a few days afterwards, like she was some sort of
insatiable sex fiend that I would be totally unable to handle who
would go around giving handjobs to anonymous strangers on dates.

Anyway, later on, I told her this, and she was horrified. She said
she'd never given a handjob in her life, and in fact had only lost
her virginity six months prior. She doesn't know what she said, but
she think it might have had something to do with "hand jives."

I asked "You would be talking about hand jiving?"

She said, very nonchalantly, "well, yeah."

Zany Misunderstanding indeed.

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