the life of a not so perfect KT girl
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2001-06-22 23:42:39 (UTC)

ughh yeah



okay yeah so this post is not going to be so long b/c ii
really don't have too much to say .. dude someone like
reads this thing .. and everynow and then they will leave
me a message .. humm i wonder who it is .. :) well u see
like I am not the best person in the world .. i am not
really cool i don't do much .. i go to swim practice ..
play my guitar .. go dancing .. hang out with my friends ..
get on this thing .. and skate !
yes i skate .. me of all people right .. oh yeah if you are
wondering what i look like you will have to ask me for a
pic .. :)
okay yeah so here is a little more info about me .. I AM A
I am not really angry and crap about anything .. I mean
most people i know have some internal conflict with
something or someone .. i don't i am naturally happy most
of the time .. the only things that really get to me .. are
talking about my home life and my dead friends.. you see no
one understands like the profound stuff that goes on in my
life .. like i have experanced so much more than anyone my
age has ever gone through .. true i have not lived on the
streets .. or gone homeless or hungry but i am not talking
about that .. OKAY I AM NOT A STUCK UP RICH KID !!! lets
clear that away right now .. my parents finacial situation
is none of anybody business but if it was .. just know i am
not rich .. but i am not poor .. basically we are just a
normal working class family .. okay now back to what i was
saying .. i was thinking today about my friend Josh .. that
died when i was 13 .. he killed himself .. you see i miss
him like so much .. he was my truely the best friend i ever
had .. and u know we were like inseperable our parents
thought we were going to get married .. :I
well u see i was thinking .. and that moment was way
profound in my life .. i mean i had no concept of what
death was until that day .. and i guess that is why i have
this natural happiness and the need to make people smile..
i am not sure how to explain it .. but if i find a way i
will mak sure to explain it ..
okay so enough of that .. yeah well Darcy was all comeover
tonight .. so i am going to be over there tonight .. woo
whoo imean i love her todeath but u see all we do is talk
to trey or get on the internet .. i want to go
dancing !!!!!!!!!!! So i am going to drag her outta the
house and go to Kingsvill and go dancing you see mom is
going dancing tonight :)
so why shouldn't we .. i am not sure what we are going to
do with muchcan .. ( rick darcy's little brother he is like
9 ) humm but I WANNA GO DANCING !!!!!!!
okay yeah i love to go dancing !!
humm has anyone ever noticed that there are somany country
songs that are like " my wife left me and took the dog and
now i sit and cry .. so i am going to go get drunk .. "
kinda stuff
whats up with that .. i mean i guess sad songs sell but
whoa ! humm okay i have no idea where that came from so i
will stop .. :)
love ya McCall

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