Meshed Up
2002-06-24 04:57:51 (UTC)

a prayer

to the great i am,

no word or name can describe your greatness. you are the
beginning, you are the end. i come before you with thanks
and pleas.

i pray i am not a weed, but a wheat that is growing on good
soil and who will one day stand before you and stand the
test of fire. i hope that i will not escape the flame, but
i will surpass it.

help me not to judge others but to accept them with an open
and caring heart. help me to be slow at pointing the finger
at others, but to be quick in seeing my own flaws and

help me to see the good in everybody, to love them in spite
of their shortcomings, to be sincere in everything i do or

help me to love you more than i love my hands. help me to
feel you as much as i feel my breath coming out in gasps
whenever i'm in pain.

let me drown in you until i can no longer breathe. until i
am consumed by you. let me trust your heart even when there
is no light to guide me.

help me love my family. help me love my friends. help me
love my enemies and the people that i can't stand. keep my
jealous heart in check, keep my rude tongue in check, and
let me delight in the good, and grieve in the wicked.

let me be one of your stars at night who try with all their
might to cast light into the world.

help me to be strong. to be able to stand against
temptation. to be able to cast my cares and fears away. do
not let the matters of this world choke the life out of me,
or out of anybody. let them live for you and not for
themselves or for anybody else.

bless the poor and the needy. bless the honest and the
hardworking. bless the loving and the sincere. bless the
sun, the moon, the stars, the artists, the writers, the
pastors, and those who bring light into every man's sight
and heart.

bless the wise. bless the foolish. bless those who search
for you, who yearn for you. bless those who bring you to
those who seek you.

let me thirst for you. let me long for you. let me write
this because i want to change.

i am at your mercy.

in your son's name,