Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
2002-06-24 04:33:39 (UTC)

I looked really drunk.

Now that's pretty bad, seriously....I was just standing
there and KeS comes up to me and says "You look really

Last night was crazy. First off, I thought it was gonna
suck. Plan was to go to DeD's place for RyA's bday
celebration but a whole bunch of his friends backed out so
instead I stayed in town. HeL came down & a bunch of us
went to a Stag & Doe which actually turned out ok. There
were lots of people and I was drunk before it was over. H,
StP, DaD & I went swimming in S's pool then walked over to
ChN's place where we all partied on his driveway. H took
off with S to find her lost keys, I stayed at C's place &
drank beer. That's where I was when K said I looked drunk.
You know you're pretty bad when you're just standing there
and you LOOK drunk...but anyhoo. I finally got my RHCP's cd
from D, he's had it since we split. I actually told him
he's become quite a jerk too. He was surprised, but I meant
it. He really has. He acts WAYYYYYY too much like his
brother, and that's not a good thing...trying to be cool
and all stupid and stuff. Ew.

Anyways, H & S came back and later on a bunch of us
started walking towards home. TiS wanted to drive and the
two of us ended up wrestling for his wallet, I wouldn't let
him cause he was drunk but he insisted so I gave it back
and started walking.....he drove past and picked me up
around the corner from my house. We got to my street and H,
S, CoW & MaH were there. T left, S went home & the rest of
us walked to the store to grab smokes. Somehow I ended up
in an alley with M (who I really don't know, but he's
pretty hot) and we kissed.....weird.....anyways, we all met
up again and went to Timmie's where I downed 2 croissants
and showed off the new 3D glasses M gave to me to anyone I was pretty stupid-drunk eh?

So M went to his sister's to get some sleep (had to go
away for the summer at 9am, was almost 7am by
this time), C went home & H & I walked back to my house and
passed right out.

Today I did nothing. It was fun. LOL, it's 12:32am on
Monday now and I'm still in my pajamas from earlier. Busy

~love ridden