Kristal Stagner

Kristal's Home
2001-06-22 22:29:14 (UTC)


dear asshole,
i am so depressed today cause i have only talked to lui son
the phone and havent seen him like 4 ever! anyways my best
friend jarrett just let me in on a little secret of his. he is
sleeping with a 24 year old and hes only 16. wow kinda freaky but,
thats jarrett for you . everything will be okay. oh yah she also has
2 kids 2 and 6. and she just came out a realationship where her
husband got some girl knocked up. funny eh? anyways i dont care its
not my problem.i guess it an okay secret cause people cant help who
like ya know? you wouldnt you just a a DAMN comp. but
anyways a big secret for him and he doesnt wanna it to get
out. i really care alot for jarrett and i think hes a big
boy and he knows what hes doin. cause hes talks to me about
this shit and lets me know whats up! well anyways luis is
coming tonite hopefully. i swear to god hopefully i wanna
see him so bad. i wrote him a poem that hell prolly never
get ever. but thats only cause i am a chicken shit! so
thats what everyone says but thats aight. i be my own
chicken shit and thats that kool with me. well anyways i
dont have much to write cause nothing 's really happened.
oh yeah i might get some booty tomorow!
peace out