I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-06-24 02:41:36 (UTC)

For Kelly

It's not the deep thoughts that matter at all. It's the
fact that life is tough no matter what. And it's all the
little things in our lives that add up to make us who we
are. We don't need to look for deeper meaning in all
things past and present (from Nicole's journal, by the
way). We just need to do what makes us happy. I honestly
believe that. We (as humans) get sidetracked from that all
the time, but I think that the whole goal of life is to be
happy. And that's actually a very difficult goal to
achieve. More than very difficult, how about......almost
impossible. But within that impossibility there is the
chance. And at that spot is where we're aiming. So don't
look for deeper meanings, and just deal with what bothers
you so that you can move on and get to that happy crevice.
I'm probably a million miles away from there, but even
conflict within ourselves and with others means that we're
alive and moving. Cause if we're not moving, we're dead.

I hope this makes sense. I dunno. I guess I'm saying that
you should listen to yourself, and not others. Even me I



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