Mysterious Attitude
2002-06-24 02:32:17 (UTC)

Ryan's and My Chat

Here is tha chat we had after I told Ryan I was going out
with Paul....

Helena: hey wudd up?
Ryan: nada
Helena: remember that boy i was talkin about that lives by
Ryan: yea
Helena: he asked me out and i said yes!!
Helena: he's name is Paul Krizo
Ryan: bye
Helena: bye why?
Ryan: OMG that guy is a loser
Ryan: and cause i asked u out and u said no
Helena: u know him?
Helena: well i didnt want to be wit anyone at that time

Ryan: well u knew i liked u
Ryan: and u said u would tell me and didn’t
Helena: and he just seems like my kind of boy.............
i don’t like u tho.... not like that
Helena: just as a friend
Ryan: oh well bye
Ryan: u lied
Helena: why u sayin bye?
Helena: how in the hell did i lie?
Ryan: and now ur with a druggie
Ryan: u told me ud tell me when u want a guy
Helena: well he just asked me and i was like "Well why
Helena: he's not a druggie
Helena: how do u know him?
Ryan: i know him
Helena: And your whiny, crybaby opinion would be...?
Helena: it appears that u dont like him
Ryan: oh that’s clear u take someone else’s quote and use
Helena: yea my gurl told me it
Helena: and its not taking it.... its borrowing
Ryan: and she got it from some else and is STUPID
Helena: no its not your always pouty
Ryan: ur a bitch and slut so bye
Helena: oh fu... wait until i see your ass again
Helena: then u wont be sayin shit like that
Ryan: why not
Helena: cuz i'll kick your happy @ss thats why
Ryan: oh w/e leave me alone ok bye
Helena: cuz i know for damn sure i aint no slut... a bitch
maybe but not a slut