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life of a porn star
2002-06-24 01:57:28 (UTC)

wow a busy week

hey, well things have been lively i guess. ive been with
maggie like everday. on tuesday we went to applebes with
her xgf michelle. this girl was so rude to me i could have
laughed. magie acted different around her too. then
thursday i had a meeting to go to for work and i was
supposed to go out to the bar with katie sharman but she
pulled a -my mom said i have to stay home tonight- at the
lat minute. so i went to spot coffee with maggie and her
friend molly, se was nice. then we slept at maggies and the
next afternoo we went to see lilo and stich. it kinda
sucked. friday night i think i stayed home and yesterday i
went to maggies around 4 and went swimming. then we went to
our friend fays house to see if she wanted to go to a party
with us. she did and we all went to jessica knorels party.
we got there early and there were only a few people there.
then we decided to go for a walk and we ended up at linday
agros house, which was kinda radom, but she is nice. then
we went back to the party and there was this guy adam that
came up to me and was like i am gonna standnext to this
beautiful girl. so im like what a nice guy and he was hot
too, then i realized he had the tell tale lisp. he was gay.
so then i hung out with maggie lu cath and fay ad we
partied. jared and his gf came up to me and i gave him a
hug and said hi but i kinda blew him off and felt so bad.
so i sat and acted all cool where jared could see me and i
felt so fake yet i knew he wa watcing me so.... i duno but
iwas having fun. then they cam overand talked to me agan
and his gf is the sweetest person and im glad he is happy.
i even hugged her good by to prove to myself that i wasnt
in denial lol. then i went and said good bye to adm and he
gave me this - i will never find a love so pure -speech and
i was like um ok go away and he wouldnt stop. i felt bad.
but jared was watching i think so lol. then we went to
Fays hose and watched kpax. then mggie slept over. today
she annoyed the hell out of m but then i went to her house
and swam. i start my job tommarow- im really nervous.