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2002-06-23 22:58:50 (UTC)

looks like i found my way here

::listening to Skinny Puppy-"The Killing Game"::
::feeling- just peachy, thanks::

i'm talkin to my cousin Lauren. she's so fucking awesome. i
miss her loads. i'm gunna visit her this summer. i can't
wait...she listens to great music and she's
just....awesome...end of story. lol. she's sarcastic,
witty, smart, nice (to me), and dude, just...i totally look
up to her. she's 17, everyone's growing up so
i talked to my cousin Karen today too. she's lauren's
sister. she's turned preppy abain. lol, she likes
n* she's still really cool though. me and
her are best friends. she's my amiga. she's got a funny
attitude. quite cocky and immature. yay! ha ha ha
i remember when we used to live within 20 minutes of each it's 5 hours or so.
i can't wait to my sissy either. she's so freakin cool. i
love her to bits. back last year, when my folks were gunna
get a divorce, she called me. ME! when she calls it's
always to just to talk to mom. and she called, and asked
specifically for me. that made me feel so good. lol. and
she talked to me about how things were with her and mom
back when she was a teenager. she told me that she would be
there for me whenever i needed. it was simple..but it meant
a lot. ahh, i love my sissy. she's gunna cut and dye my
hair and pierce me when i visit her. i can't wait! yayay! other news....mollie told me she forgave me
today...uh, i thought she already did. jesus christ. she
totally blew up at me because me and john had sex. she was
all "why am i crying over this?! i can't trust people
anymore!!" etcetc...god damnit! she knows i go on guilt
trips EASY. fuckin hell. so, yeah, after she found out, she
asked john to go out w/ her...john said yeah. he called me
and told me about what mollie did and how she reacted. he
likes me too...but since both him and mollie are possesive
over people, they go out....john still wants to see me
though. this is another reason why people are s c u m.
well, that's all for now.

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